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Aplaud Mentors

Sophia Serghi


I am a seasoned musician and educator with 24+ years of performance and higher education experience in various fields. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for inspiring others. I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to personal growth and global understanding. Professional focal points include music composition and multi-media production, entrepreneurship, business development, film production, fundraising, public speaking, technology solutions, academia, student development, long-range solutions, public performances, and project management. 

Evan Cunningham


Evan Cunningham is an award-winning composer, songwriter, and producer. Known for his work on The Bright Sessions, he is currently scoring The AM Archives, a podcast from Luminary Media. He has written for commercials, short films, and pop artists in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Evan Lives in Los Angeles where he writes and produces for a handful of artists and singer-songwriters, including indie pop artist Far Places.

Ivan Drucker


Ivan is a composer, drummer and singer who masters a sound whirlpool for the senses. His speciality is layering endless original drum tracks into a dazzling sensation for the ears. Ivan lives in NYC where he is a wizard of technology and innovation.

Aplaud Mentors

Jacques Deaver


With his more recent project, Kabuki, Jacques showcases his passion for Japanese music, games, and animation, coupled with the vibrant energy of dance music and pop. Working alongside vocalists and other producers, he has released with record labels such as Tiny Waves and performs at clubs and conventions. His most recent performances include MAGFest, Anime Expo, MAGWest, and more.

You can hear his music in games such as Osu and Geometry Dash, and you can hear his video game remixes on Spotify and YouTube.

Kevin Kay


 Kevin is a classically trained composer who is inspired by the ways in which our universe manifests sound, and through his art, he explores how sound behaves physically in our world. 

Festivals that have performed Kevin’s music include: Les Ecoles d’Art Américaines de Fontainebleau,  the NYC Electroacoustic Music Festival, KLK Music Per Archi, the Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival (VIPA), the Alion Baltic International Music Festival. Kevin’s music has been performed at IRCAM’s  Academy 2019 by soloists from Ensemble Intercontemporain.  Kevin will begin his PhD studies at Stony Brook University. 

Reni Lane / Jablonsky


“When I was younger, I chased after all these grand opportunities thinking I was on the right path," Lane says regarding her new songs and the inception of Jablonsky as a project. "It wasn’t until I burned it all to the ground that things got interesting.”

Knowing Lane's decade-long history of songwriting illuminates why Jablonsky represents a step in a radically new direction for her as an artist.

Lane produces, and plays all the instruments save for percussion. Songs like the aforementioned "Sinner," were written piecemeal while in creative purgatory, all while allowing in her varied influences from Joni Mitchell to Imogen Heap.

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